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November 14, 2010
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Shadamy chi. 1
(Authors P.O.V)
It was a cloudy day; Amy was leaving her classroom to start looking for her love Sonic, at the time she found him he was with his friends talking around a table before he leaved the school
"SONIKU!!!" Amy yelled of excitement when she started running for him
"Awww come on" Sonic said when he noticed Amy
"C'mon man she's not that bad, have you even well considerate a date or something?"Knukles said,
"Yeah you should try" jet said, he turned to shadow and asked, "what do you think shadow? " shadow was sitting in a chair then he stood up and Looked jet
"Dude, do you really think I care about Sonics' Pink girl?"
"Who? Oh yea her name is Amy, y'know there's something I don't understand if you're new on the school how'd you know Sonic?" jet asked
"Well I've met the little bastard a few years ago, remember?" he said turning to Sonic
"Oh yeah good times remember when—"
"HI guys" Amy said interrupting Sonic
"Oh I'm done with this, Amy for the love of god LEAVE ME ALONE, I don't love you and no one will ever so go bother someone else"
Sonic leaves and Amy starts crying and runs away to the girls restroom
[The bell rings]
"Ah finally we can go home" knuckles yells of exitement" hey shadow want to go my place to watch the game?"
"Ah … sure. I've forgot something see ya later" shadow said and waited to the rest of the guys to leave
'Poor girl, I wonder if she's still there?' shadow thought for heading to the girl's restrooms
*Knock knock*
"A-…Amy, are you still in there"
"W-who is it? Are you going to make mock of me like everyone else" Amy said with anger on her voice
"Ah no not really"
Shadow heard nothing of a slow breathing at the other side of the door when Amy opened it
"Hey uh I just wanted to well tell you that I feel sorry of what that ass hole did"
"DON'T CALL HIM AN ASS HOLE" Amy said trying to slap shadows face but he grabbed her hand jut before it reached his cheek
"Amy just breath and listen, why don't you relax and come to my place to talk or … maybe to tours, whatever you want"
"What are you? --"Amy said as trying to break free from shadow
"AMY, AMY, Amy … calm down please" Amy huffed and Lockheed away blushing because shadow was holding her arms really closet o her breasts, shadow noticed and putted them a bit lower
"Sorry" shadow said trying to look Amy's eyes but she was rubbing them to clean up her tears
"So do you want to go" shadow insisted and Amy nodded her head saying yes
"Ok, lets go"
Shadow leaded Amy to the school's parking lot
"S-so where's your car?" Amy asked looking around
Shadow smiled to himself and gives her jacket & shades
"Ah, why do you give me this stuff?" Amy asked
"Well you'll understand in a moment but still put them on"
"Ok" Amy said putting on shadow's stuff
"Here, my baby…" shadow said climbing on his motorcycle and putting on a Helmet an living Amy a smaller one
"N-no way I'm getting in this thing"
"Amy it's the only way I can take you home … and please call it nightmare"
"Ah shadow that's ridiculous, it's just a motorcycle"
"It is but is also a part of me, you see I build him myself "
"Him? Seriously?" Amy said raising an eyebrow
"Ah long story, right nightmare" then a voice marked by a computer started talking
"Of course shadow, is the young female hedgehog is planning to get in already or what?"
"Did your motorcycle insult me?"
"Yeah something like that, nightmare don't be disrespectful with Amy"
" My apologies sir"
"C'mon Amy"
"Hmm…. Ok"

To Be Continued…
i do not own any sega characters (but if i did it would be great but i have to deal with it)
this is my first shadamy fan fiction
anyway leave comments and suggestions for the next chapter
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SilverX14 Mar 30, 2014  Student Artist
OMG!! I want a talking motorcycle!!
heh, heh, romance already?
ShadowXAmyfangulr Aug 1, 2012  Student General Artist
love this story!
LittleSister505 Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The motorcicle was hilarious!
iloveshadamy4life Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love this story !
i love that motorcycle...
cArDoNaNaVaS Jul 13, 2011  Professional General Artist
jejejeje, esto me gusta...
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